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The roof connects the 'Kachelhaus' building to the 'Kellerei' as well as linking the courtyard to the park. This sheltered area is remarkably light because of its open structure, with two sides leading to the courtyard and park respectively and two glass domes built into the roof. The structure’s wood and steel combination has a special charm which is complemented by the two supporting brick walls.


The 'Zwischendach' is also available to hire as a film and photo shoot location.


  • AREA: 475 sqm

  • HEIGHT: 4.5 m to 7.4 m

  • LOCATION: between the 'Kachelhaus' and the 'Kellerei'

  • SHELTERED OUTDOOR AREA with an industrial-style roof made of wood and glass domes

  • IDEAL FOR: summer festivals, work functions, barbecues, sporting events, markets, as a film or photo shoot location

  • CAPACITY: up to 400 people standing, up to 300 people in row seating

  • INFRASTRUCTURE: parking spaces, maximum load approx. CEE 32A via the park, mains water supply, ramp belonging to the tenant collective available on request

  • WE RECOMMEND booking in combination with the 'Maschinenhalle', courtyard and/or the park


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