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In the parlor on the top floor of the Kachelhaus you will find – in

addition to the adjoining Sonnendeck and its impressive view –

a cozy dining room with an integrated kitchen. The living room

atmosphere created from wooden elements is perfect for small

dinners, presentations and meetings.


  • AREA: 45 sqm, with additional 55 sqm adjoining areas

  • HEIGHT: 2.40 m – 2.70 m

  • LOCATION: top floor of the 'Kachelhaus'

  • COZY DINING ROOM with integrated kitchen

  • IDEAL FOR: meetings, small presentations or a meal in a relaxed atmosphere

  • CAPACITY: up to 25 people standing, up to 15 people in seating

  • INFRASTRUCTURE: kitchen area with stove, sink and refrigerator, modern sanitary area 55 sqm, Wi-Fi, elevator

  • TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT:  details and prices on request

  • WE RECOMMEND: booking in combination with the 'Sonnendeck'


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