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The 'Studio', filled with sunlight through its wide window façades, looks out onto the park and includes a small adjoining room. It is situated on the central floor of the 'Kachelhaus', and its layout is perfectly suited to hosting small events, or as a production office when booked in combination with the other areas.


  • AREA: 90 + 24 sqm, with additional 55 sqm adjoining areas

  • HEIGHT: 3.30 m

  • LOCATION: central floor of the 'Kachelhaus'

  • STUDIO with clear white walls and window façades providing ample sunlight

  • IDEAL FOR: workshops, presentations, small work functions, production office

  • CAPACITY: up to 50 people in row seating, up to 50 people at table seating

  • INFRASTRUCTURE: bar area with sinks and a refrigerator, an installed projector, Wi-Fi, elevator, 55 sqm modern restrooms, 24 sqm adjoining room

  • TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT: basic audio and lighting systems, details and prices available on request

  • WE RECOMMEND: booking in combination with the 'Speicher' and/or the 'Maschinenhalle'


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