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Nestled into the centre of the parkland, the 'Rostlaube' is a prime event location. The large window façades provide a stunning view of the grounds. The container is fitted with a sound system, kitchen area and furniture, making it an ideal location for smaller celebrations. The 'Rostlaube' is surrounded by grass meadows and is just a stone’s throw away from the urban farm, beach, grandstand, outdoor restrooms and the nature garden.


  • AREA: 13 sqm, with additional 6 sqm terrace

  • HEIGHT: 2.2 m

  • LOCATION: in the park, directly opposite the beach area

  • RENOVATED SHIPPING CONTAINER with plenty of charm, its own wooden terrace and an uninterrupted view of the parkland

  • IDEAL FOR: summer festivals, barbecues, small work functions, meetings, private parties

  • CAPACITY: up to 10 people indoors, up to 50 people when including the terrace area

  • INFRASTRUCTURE: A + + refrigerator with freezer compartment, 1.6 m kitchen sink area with mains water supply, fitted with indoor lighting system, 1 x CEE 16 A supply in outdoor area, access to restrooms

  • FACILITIES: timber floorboards, mobile bar, disco ball, kitchenware, awning over the wooden terrace, tabletop Teufel stereo speakers with connecting mini-jack cable

  • WE RECOMMEND booking in combination with the 'Park'


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