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The 'Maschinenhalle' is a part of the 'Kachelhaus', our multifunctional event location that is guaranteed to make any occasion unforgettable. Its steel beams, hoists, and black and white tile flooring make up a remarkable industrial environment. In addition to the imposing hall, you will find an entrance area and a cloakroom accessible from the adjoining courtyard. With a smaller room located directly behind the barand an outdoor terrace with park views, this area provides your event with extra space.

The 'Maschinenhalle' is also available to hire as a film or photo shoot location.


  • AREA: 425 sqm, with an additional 210 sqm adjoining spaces

  • HEIGHT: 5.60 m to 6.40 m

  • LOCATION: ground floor of the 'Kachelhaus', barrier-free

  • INDUSTRIAL HALL with black and white tile flooring, tiled walls, steel ceiling construction, lattice windows and movable carriers.

  • IDEAL FOR: work functions, dinners, conferences, meetings, presentations, concerts, as a film or photo shoot location

  • CAPACITY: up to 600 people standing, 350 people in row seating, 300 people at table seating, 170 people at banquet seating

  • INFRASTRUCTURE: 80 sqm entrance area, includes cloakroom, 5 m bar, modern heating system, option to block out light, 4-point truss for technical equipment, 65 m2 modern restrooms, 45 sqm adjoining room (can be used as catering back of house or lounge), Wi-Fi

  • TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT: basic audio and lighting systems, details and prices available on request

  • WE RECOMMEND booking in combination with the outdoor courtyard, the 'Zwischendach' and aterrace with park views


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