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With its cast-iron gate entrance and brick buildings to either side, the courtyard cuts a striking figure. The cobble-stone pavement is in some places laced with tram tracks, harking back to the former industrial use of the 'Alte Mälzerei'. From the courtyard, all other event and set locations are closely accessible, especially the two sheltered areas of the 'Torbögen' and 'Zwischendach' which make up the rest of the clinker brick-built outdoor areas.


The courtyard is also available to hire as a unique film or photo shoot location.

  • CLINKER BRICK-BUILT open areas surrounding a cobble-stone pavement.

  • IDEAL FOR: summer festivals, barbecues, work functions, sporting events, markets or as a film or photo shoot location

  • INFRASTRUCTURE: parking spaces available on request, CEE 32A via the park, mains water supply

  • WE RECOMMEND booking in combination with the 'Maschinenhalle' and/or the 'Zwischendach'



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