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'Fightclub 1' and Fightclub 2', 'Wendehallen', 'Keimkästen': the bunker-like halls in the 'Alte Mälzerei' reflect the charm of the Gründerzeit throughout. The acoustics, patina and fixtures of the halls are unparalleled as is its atmosphere and sheer scale. 


  • SURFACE SPACE: 425 sqm

  • HEIGHT: up to 6.9 m

  • CHARM OF THE GRÜNDERZEIT to be found in many spaces preserved in their original state

  • BASIN style rooms with unique patina

  • BUNKER style character provides distinctive charm

  • IDEAL FOR: film and photo shoots, small exhibitions and installations

  • INFRASTRUCTURE: unsecured, toilets in outdoor area, parking on request, partial mains power supply

  • ROOMS: 'Fightclub 1', F'ightclub 2', , 'Wendehallen', 'Keimkästen'


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