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From its basement vaults to the roof, the 'Alte Mälzerei' is brimming with special scenery such as the 'Luftmischkammer', 'Darrraum', 'Pelletieranlage', 'Weichbecken', 'Kaffraum', 'Gersten- und Malzvorputze' and countless other unnamed rooms. Each space is given further character by its unique lighting conditions and the historical objects inside. 


  • CHARM OF THE 'GRÜNDERZEIT’ INDUSTRIAL ARCHITECTURE: with heritage listed brick façades, machines kept in their original condition, original patina and a wide range of areas

  • IDEAL FOR: film and photo shoots, small exhibitions and installations

  • LOCATION: 'Alte Mälzerei'

  • INFRASTRUCTURE: unsecured, toilets in outdoor area, parking facilities, partial mains power supply

  • ROOMS: 'Luftmischkammer', 'Darrraum', 'Pelletieranlage', 'Weichbecken', 'Kaffraum', 'Gersten- und Malzvorputze'  and  countless other rooms


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